4th Annual India’s Most Agile HR Leaders 2024

De-code & Discover: The Quantum Shift of HR

Date: 25th OCTOBER 2024 | Location: Mumbai

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HR leaders are undergoing a transformation. No longer are they simply managers; they are becoming inclusive and democratic champions of innovation. These leaders possess a remarkable ability to inspire and guide their teams, acting as true change agents within their organizations. Their passion for learning fuels their focus on people development, while their strong communication skills ensure a clear vision for the future.

Agile leadership represents a revolutionary shift in how we manage people. Effective Agile Leaders are not only re-energizing their teams, but also revitalizing entire businesses by redefining how work gets done.

Sapphire Connect is proud to present the 4th edition of India’s Most Agile HR Leaders 2024 Awards & Coffee Table Book Launch. This prestigious event celebrates HR Leaders who have successfully embraced Agile principles, prioritizing speed, responsiveness, flexibility, and collaboration.

The top 25 HR leaders, meticulously chosen by our esteemed jury, will be honored and featured in a truly aspirational book for HR heads – “India’s Most Agile HR Leader 2024.” This book will not only showcase their achievements and key learnings, but also celebrate the inspiring journeys they have undertaken. Copies of the Coffee Table Book will be circulated amongst CXOs across the business community, further amplifying the impact of these remarkable leaders.

What the Agile HR Leaders do?

True Agile Leaders

Embrace every aspect
of agility

Build a culture of self-organizing and self-managing teams

Set a clear vision that their team can embrace and own

Focus on what really matters- delivering value

Believe in their mission and live it on a daily basis

Help their team members take care of the customers

What is Agile Leadership?

Agile leadership isn’t a destination... it’s a journey

Agile leadership versus good leadership

Several leaders can believe that adding "agile" to "excellent leadership" makes you an agile leader and vice versa. Yet, this is untrue because agile leadership has a completely different feel than traditional leadership. Different leadership philosophies and a willingness to increase capacity and extend capabilities to be more flexible are the main differences. While this feels quite distinct from leadership, where leaders only practise agile out of compliance with a larger directive. Agile leadership is "excellent leadership" that improves; it is more than just "good leadership".

Agile leadership as a continuum

A mindset that is agile does not view things from a binary standpoint, such as agile or not. Agility should be viewed as a spectrum rather than as an all or nothing trait. Although the agile leader is one who adjusts, there are many of competent HR leaders in firms who do so infrequently. Although some HR managers use a command-and-control style of management, this does not necessarily mean they are ineffective managers. Unfortunately, due to their mindsets, many of these HR leaders find it more difficult than others to adjust. Agile leadership is a dynamic trait that evolves and gets better with time.

4th Annual India’s most Agile HR Leaders
2024 Coffee Table Book Launch

In the current era, for many organizations, surviving and thriving depends quite much upon their HR Leaders, helping in evolving and making a fundamental transformation to become more agile. Those making the transition successfully, are achieving substantive performance and health improvements: enhanced growth, profitability, internal and external customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

At Sapphire Connect, we have the confidence in that the key to success is to find it through a test and learn cycle and that HR leaders have the capacity to transfigure and help co-create the future of work by transforming and overcoming the challenges of a volatile, uncertain and complex business world.

Sapphire Connect is glad to announce the 4th Edition of “India’s Most Agile HR Leaders 2024” Coffee Table Book where we would be featuring the HR leaders who have experimented, tested and learned on how to reinvent their people operations to be more human-centric and deliver business value, no matter what industry or type of organization they have worked in.

The Process

Sapphire Connect has partnered with EY as the Knowledge Partner for the panel of Jury and would choose the India’s Most Agile HR Leaders for the 2024 Coffee Book Edition, professionals.

How will it work?

We will call in for nominations from the HR Leaders across sectors under various parameters. Each organization can nominate their CHRO’s or Head of HR, simultaneously, CHRO’s or Head of HR’s can nominate themselves by filling up the questionnaire online. Our Knowledge Partner will shortlist the leaders through the information received and seek additional information before presenting it to the Jury. Upon receiving the information on time, the shortlisted leaders will be reviewed by a set of expert jury members. The final leaders who have been successful in winning  the hearts of the Jury Member will be featured in the Coffee Table Book. The Leaders will be announced during the Launch event in Delhi.

Who can nominate?

CHRO’s, Head of HR, VP HR, Chief People Officer, and other HR leaders who report directly to the CEO or MD of the organisation.


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